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Here’s something we’ve all gotten used to in modern society: fast solutions. I love instant noodles, effortless online shopping and having information on hand via the web.

But this does present a problem: you can get so used to fast results that you expect it in all scenarios. Sometimes, that can prompt unwise decisions. Have you ever ordered something online and what you received came quickly, but it wasn’t really what you wanted?

So, you know what I’m talking about.

This review is to share all about my experience with the Canadian Access Program, so you can make an informed decision for your life too. Don’t spend money without knowing what you’ll get in return.
Paul Peeters - From Antwerp

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My Story

How I stumbled upon the Canadian Access Program

Jean Loup Le Roux a Fraud?

Getting to Know the Person Behind the Program: All About Jean Loup Le Roux

Consumers vs Immigration Scams

Why Share my Brutally Honest Canadian Access Program Review?


My Real-Life Experience with the Canadian Access Program

What is the Program?

Let me first clarify what exactly the Canadian Access Program is so you can understand the context of my research.

Why so Much Research?

Background Information on the Canada Immigration Scam Website Industry


Are the Job Offers Real or Fake?


Things you need to know...

My Story

How I stumbled upon the Canadian Access Program

What is the Program?

Let me first clarify what exactly the Canadian Access Program is so you can understand the context of my research.

Jean Loup Le Roux a Fraud?

Getting to Know the Person Behind the Program: All About Jean Loup Le Roux

Why so Much Research?

Background Information on the Canada Immigration Scam Website Industry

Consumers vs Immigration Scams

Why Share my Brutally Honest Canadian Access Program Review?


Are the Job Offers Real or Fake?


My Real-Life Experience with the Canadian Access Program


Things you need to know...

my story

How I stumbled upon the Canadian Access Program?

Canadian Access Program

Now, I came across the Canadian Access Program as offered by Jean Loup Le Roux while browsing online, wishing to emigrate from my home country, it ticked all the right boxes in its description. Best of all is that it mentioned the possibility of getting me access to Canada much sooner than I planned. Fast service! That’s what I wanted!

I needed to find the right company to assist me with emigration, because I had a limited budget. So, I had to make a decision: will I trust this seemingly fast solution at a point in my life when wise decisions were vital? If I made the wrong decision it could have cost me thousands of dollars! I had to look after my family. I couldn’t get it wrong.

My fear: what if it turned out to be an immigration scam? The number of Canada immigration scams that are covered in the news made a scam likely. I invested time in doing research. I didn’t want to be caught up in one and now I don’t want anyone else to be victims of fraud either.

So, here’s what I discovered and experienced.

What is the Canadian Access Program?

Let me first clarify what exactly the Canada Access Program is so you can understand the context of my research.

You’ll also realize how important it is that a program such as this is NOT an immigration scam.

Canada Access Program Defined

In essence, the Canadian Access program helps people emigrate to Canada. Its promises don’t only focus on helping clients with the immigration tasks, but also the challenging aspect of obtaining work and making some decent money.

In general, Jean Loup and his team tells clients that they can expect to earn $70 000+/year, or even as much as $100 000.

Canada Access Program immigration help

My question was, how is this possible?

Who was this Program Designed for?

From what I’ve seen the program is focused on various niches in the market.


Firstly, there are people like myself looking for a way to easily emigrate to Canada. But I also discovered that there are other options to consider, some that I haven’t even thought of:

What I realised along the way is that this makes the program relevant to more people than simply those who want to emigrate. It works for many job seeking and emigration niches. Whether you’re unemployed, looking for a change or you’re a student who needs to make smart career decisions within the next few years, JL’s course is relevant.

And no; you don’t even need an MBA or Ph.D. to make this work for you.

Now, how does Jean Loup promise to make this a reality for all his clients?

How is the Program Built?

Part of what makes this program different than many others I came across is that the team provides a comprehensive set of services. It’s much more than a simple advisory committee.

Canadian Access Program real job offers

I also quickly realised that using this resource requires some commitment and work. Instead of offering you a few pieces of advice, JL actually crafted a six-week course. And it’s not information you can sit back and browse through. It’s you actively participating in the process to reach your goals; whether it’s to move to Canada or discover a new job opportunity.

And here’s what I love most: the process is focused on helping you find YOUR unique approach that suits your talents and long-term goals. And JL’s team is hands on all through the process. That’s one of the first things that made me realise that this can’t be an immigration scam. Why put in so much effort in helping people create plans for their lives if you’re only going to steal their money?

It’s a discovery process for each person that signs up.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me explain.

What You Get Out of Jean Loup le Roux’s Program

JL’s Six Week Course in a Nutshell:

Week 1: This is all about creating a foundation for what’s to come. JL challenges your mindset, so negative behaviours won’t ruin the process for you.

Week 2: Now you get to start brainstorming about your career. JL believes you shouldn’t apply for just ANY job. It must suit you and you need to find out what sets you apart from your peers. That’s how you become the preferred talent companies would want to hire.

Week 3: I learnt all about improving my chances of closing a deal and getting appointed in a new position. This is also where JL’s network of thousands of businesses get utilised to connect you with relevant potential employers.

Week 4: Receive important information about how to deal with people in all the scenarios you’ll face.

Week 5: Your immigration plan is finalised, and you can initiate the process if you wish.

Week 6: It’s all about habits! Know how to be more productive and keep on delivering peak performance in your career from now on. The road ahead will be better if you incorporate the valuable advice shared at the end of the course.

You can see that this plan covers all aspects of immigration that you’ll find discussed on a CanadaVisa forum or on CIC news. It prepares you mentally and practically!

What’s Included in the Canada Access Program?

I was looking for some information that can help me understand a few aspects of emigrating to Canada. What I was promised when I came across JL’s program was much more:

Informative videos in HD quality with practical instructions that DO get you closer to your goal.

A free workbook so you have information on hand whenever you need it.

The support of JL’s network:

  • Other members of the Canada Access Program
  • JL’s team members
  • Over 3000 business contacts and partners that can be the key to obtaining employment
  • An app giving you easy access to information no matter where you are—ideal for my lifestyle where I’m always on the go
  • Assistance with completing pre-qualification with an ICCRC lawyer; this is in contrast to many other so-called immigration consultants that can actually be accused of committing fraud because they take your money simply to fill in a few forms that you could have done yourself (if they are officially registered at all).
  • The assistance of immigration lawyers JL has partnered with, that streamline the process, making sure you don’t face legal challenges once you reach Canada.
Bonus Options that were Invaluable to Me

It doesn’t stop there. Here’s another reason why I didn’t deem a scam likely in this case. This team really did their homework in terms of providing practical resources:

  • A cyber security course
  • A Facebook group that exclusive members can join
  • 1-to-1 mentorship sessions with JL


So, you can see that it’s not only that you’re paying for cheap information you can find anywhere on the web. There’s a support structure and regular impartation. This is invaluable in a stressful scenario such as trying to move to another country.

Believe me, I did thorough research because I saw too many of my friends being duped by immigration scams. And I believe the key to any organisation lies with whoever started it.

So, I had a look at Jean Loup himself, to determine if I can trust him with my future.

Is Jean Loup le Roux a Fraud? Full Review

Getting to Know the Person Behind the Program: All About Jean Loup Le Roux

Jean Loup is very open about his background and that gave me enough reason to give him the benefit of the doubt. There’s no secrecy about where he came from and how he progressed to where he is today.


His knowledge doesn’t come from being privileged and having a successful life all planned out by rich parents. Rather, he had to work for everything he has and he had to make some tough decisions, just as I needed to make:

  • He grew up in an average home in France, with parents who didn’t make a lot of money.
  • He didn’t do very well at school.
  • He got a dead-end job at an industrial company that didn’t pay much.
  • Life had no meaning for him.
Canada Access Program life expectation

JL felt trapped. And then he did what many others don’t have the guts to do: he quit.


This sparked a change in his life: he entered the tech industry but also considered moving to Canada. And that last part proved extremely difficult. He needed three separate permits in order to eventually get his Canadian residency.

What did that long journey mean? JL got EXPERIENCE.

He knows the Canadian immigration system extremely well—from immigration scam calls to the CRS calculator—because he had to figure it all out through trial and error.

All of that happened years ago and today he has over 10 years of experience that can help others sidestep the mistakes he once made. And now he’s offering that knowledge—very valuable, practical insight—as a service to Canadian Access Program members.

So, my question to myself was: why take as long as JL did to make my Canada dream come true, if his advice can help me move through the process faster?


Also, he understands the struggles of finding one’s ideal job and niche in the modern world. So, he tailors the resources so clients find solutions that work for them personally.

It’s not only his own words that speak of his experience. I could corroborate a lot by simply browsing online:

  • I watched a few YouTube videos. Both clients and business associates provide valuable insight into his character, knowledge and services.
  • He’s very active on social media.
  • On TrustPilot I found multiple positive (5-star) reviews.
  • He’s endorsed by major companies and even Wall Street banks. Just look on LinkedIn.
  • You’ll often find his name mentioned in the newspaper where he’s quoted on business topics. He’s also on business conference speaker lists in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.
  • As mentioned above, there’s a Facebook page closely related to the Canada Access Program that has been existence for a while.
  • His business coach service has over 3000 participants.

All of this is powerful evidence that JL’s program is far removed from being part of any immigration scams Canada officials have had to deal with.

The Good, Bad & Ugly about Jean Loup Le Roux

I’ll also share gossip I discovered on JL. Some of it I found on YouTube where business associates gave extremely honest feedback about working with him. Well respected individuals, such as Deepak Shukla — himself a TEDx speaker—give positive feedback about working with JL.

And then there’s the celebrity side to this self-made millionaire: JL’s network stretches as far as Mexico and you can check Instagram for proof of his friendship with Vanessa Ponce, Miss World 2018. 

In short: no matter what source you prefer as proof that someone’s legitimate, it’s out there when it comes to Jean Loup le Roux.

I did my research, was impressed and knew I didn’t have to worry about fraud when working with this guy.

Why so Much Research?

Background Information on the Canada Immigration Scam Website Industry

You’re probably wondering why I went to all this trouble to do background checks on JL’s business and confirm that he’s not involved in immigration scams. Shouldn’t I have used that time on my application to emigrate to Canada?


My experience taught me differently.


Talk to people on Facebook groups, a CanadaVisa forum or watch CIC news and you’ll quickly come across mentions of Canada immigration scams and many other countries’ immigration direct scam companies.


When you’re after immigration resources, you’ll find videos and blogs as well, but believe me that those are outdated so following the advice is risky.


I knew it would be difficult to emigrate on my own, so I wanted to partner with experts. But I was not prepared to be one of the fraud victims because I simply didn’t have the money to waste. It was a once in a lifetime chance.

So, I had to gather all possible information before I made my first move.

What I Discovered About Immigration Scams

Here’s what consumers need to look out for, because it only takes smart marketing from immigration scam artists to persuade you into wasting your money:

In today’s world there are many local agents that ask a lot of money and do very little. They’ll fill in forms on your behalf but a lot of that you can do yourself. An immigration scam calls this ‘quality service’ but they don’t offer any guarantees, advice, support or valuable services. But they charge you a lot. People are desperate to emigrate, so they agree to the terms, paying $12 000 or even $50 000 that end up being money wasted.
Canada expects agents to register but not everyone you find online will be registered. Ask a vendor to prove their registration before you pay anything!
Guidelines change all the time and if you act based on outdated details your application can be unsuccessful. Some people who claim to be experts won’t even have the latest information on the immigration process.
Immigration scam agents don’t tell you about all your options. Did you know there are more than 80 different programs you can follow to move to Canada? Most people only know about two or five of them. If your agent doesn’t give you all your options your chances of getting in are slim.
The government does have pilot programs but these aren’t advertised a lot. Those interested in committing fraud or taking your money without delivering quality service won’t research all these programs. You need an expert that knows about all these programs.
I also considered using a consultant from my own country, since it seemed an easier route if I could talk with someone locally. But do you realize the risk of using these agents who can basically do what they want and end up scamming you if there aren’t regulations in place to guide their actions?
Canada Access Program immigration scam

So, the question is whether you’re going to make an impulsive decision out of desperation and employ a scam artist; or do you want value for money? 

Why I Don’t Think Jean Loup Le Roux Forms Part of an Immigration Scam

At this stage you’ve probably realised that I don’t group JL and his team as one of the Canada immigration scam companies that I’ve seen all over the web.

But I’ll summarise the main reasons for my conclusion so you can make your own informed decision.

Firstly, I can report that JL doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. He doesn’t promise you a job, but if you do the work as set out in his course, you have the best chance of obtaining a position. With Canada having a shortage of 500 000 professionals, there’s no reason why you can’t get your ideal career in the country. You simply have to follow the appropriate channels. And that’s what JL’s team has all the necessary knowledge about.

Then, this is no one-man immigration scam operation. JL created a knowledgeable team around him:

  • Agents who offer support whenever you need it
  • Legal experts that provide guaranteed quality because they’re experts when it comes to immigration and they’re backed by the lawyers’ bar
  • The network of 3000 businesses across the country who can assist in obtaining job opportunities


I was definitely impressed by the types of references I came across. JL has an affiliation with:


That last point says a lot: if Jean Loup can help others perform better in business, I have no doubt that his company will keep on doing well. I don’t think there’s any risk in paying such a company an amount for ongoing services because they’ll be around for years to come.

And that brings us to the financial side. The Canadian Access Program’s payment options also put my mind to rest:

  • You pay one amount for a whole set of services. You don’t pay more if your process takes longer. AND they keep on supporting you no matter how long your immigration process takes.
  • I had the option of paying in instalments, so it’s more affordable and less of a financial risk.
  • The program has a money back guarantee. Chances are you’ll never invoke this option, because JL runs the company based on the value of ‘no man or woman left behind’. For as long as you need assistance, JL’s team will be there.

And then there are a few fun facts that do a lot to alleviate concerns of those of us that are a bit paranoid about immigration scams and spending money on someone we’ve never met in person:

  • The program has a money back guarantee.
  • JL himself is actively involved to report immigration scams. So he doesn’t try to stay under the radar. He actively joins in the fight against fraud and he can teach you a lot about this topic.
  • There are multiple success stories and you can watch feedback videos to find out about their journeys with JL’s team.

The Canada Access Program was the only one that offered me both business and legal services. Instead of outdated information that I could have downloaded off government websites, JL’s approach was a practical one. It was all about strategy:

  • Landing a job
  • Understanding immigration processes
  • Planning a future

That’s based on practical knowledge that you only get from real life experience. And that’s what I needed, which is why I paid that first instalment. And I haven’t regretted it for a day.

Last matter on this topic: everywhere I researched and after completing the six-week process I found people who are positive about JL’s services. His clients actually become friends during live online discussions. I haven’t heard any negative stories.

Consumers vs Immigration Scams: Why Share my Brutally Honest Canadian Access Program Review?

I’ve told you that you shouldn’t believe everyone you find online, because many may be immigration scams. So, you may wonder if I’m a fraud.

I’ll just say this to tell you why I’m going to the trouble of writing a proper review on JL and his team:

  • Times are tough: I have a limited budget and want others in the same predicament to avoid spending money on the wrong agents or consultants.
  • There are so many opportunities in Canada. Through JL I found out there are over 500 000 available jobs and who doesn’t want to live in a country with free healthcare?
  • I’m also passionate about the global community where you can achieve a lot, even by working remotely from home. So, if I can help someone else discover an income opportunity, I won’t stay silent.

By now I hope you trust me as well as JL. But I’ll list some frequently asked questions that many of my friends have challenged me with.


Is the Canada Access Program Legal?

As stated, JL gives a realistic view of job opportunities and doesn’t make empty promises. He CAN help you learn about job opportunities you’re not aware of. This is a common challenge for anyone seeking employment because only 20% of jobs are advertised publicly.


If you’re looking for work on traditional platforms, you’ll compete against many other applicants because most people use this method. And guess what, immigration scams that make you fake offers will also direct you to these platforms.


Your chances of securing a job increase when you can apply for the 80% of jobs not advertised in a traditional manner. This requires connections and networking, which is what JL provides. And of course, he has relationships with 3000 Canadian business contacts that increase your chances of finding a job even more.

Is the Canada Access Program Legal?

It was clear to me that the Canada Access Program is a legal company because you can’t fake being partners with the many connections I’ve mentioned in this review. This ranges from business partners, to legal firms and even celebrities.


I already mentioned the risk of using immigration consultants abroad. My research showed it’s best to partner with a company based in Canada, as JL’s company is. When they’re registered locally, it’s easier for the Canadian government to prosecute fraud, compared to a company outside its borders. And added benefit with the Canada Access Program is the partnership with lawyers. These lawyers are bound by law to follow a deontology code that forces them to provide quality service, or they will face repercussions from the bar.


So, you can see there are many aspects of JL’s setup that offers me peace of mind and proves its legality.


My Real-Life Experience with the Canadian Access Program: What was the Outcome?

Listening to other clients’ experiences, I realised that one of the great attractions of the Canadian Access Program is the fact that it’s relevant to many different individuals’ unique needs.

For me personally, this is what helped me the most:

  • Regular motivational messages to keep me positive about the process.
  • Practical advice for specific scenarios such as entrepreneurs hoping to start their own companies in Canada.
  • The techniques are so practical, and it applies to other job markets, such as the US, where processes are similar to Canada. So, I could apply the strategies to obtain interviews in other countries too while I contemplated my next career moves.


With all the resources, I ended up having positive results much faster than friends of mine who used other agents. So, for me this was one of the best decisions I made in terms of my future.

For the moment I decided to act as a consultant remotely while I save money and complete my immigration plan for a new life abroad. I’m thankful for the different options JL helped me discover.

Pros and Cons of the Canadian Access Program

Pros: Why Working with JL is Unique and Gives You Value for Money

It’s much more than training: you get one-to-one consultations with JL
It’s a properly registered company
A step-by-step process towards success in getting Canadian employment and/or immigration, not just filling out forms
JL’s team keeps up to date with changing legislation
You get a business (work) AND legal approach
Support team for as long as you need it - no time limit
JL is focused on reaching goals, so he goes the extra mile for you

Cons: Be Prepared for These Challenges

I wish I got all the information at once but I understand the importance of a step-by-step process.
Get ready to give your best to keep up with JL; he wants you to reach your goals faster, so you need to be ready to WORK.
He is extremely serious but I realise this is because he is passionate about what he does; I shouldn’t take this personally.

Final Words—Was it a Scam?

I am so thankful that I tried the Canadian Access Program before I tried anything else. I saved money and learnt so much about Canada, its job opportunities and how to sidestep fraud or immigration scams in future.

It’s not an overnight solution (which does not exist…), but it’s definitely a faster option than many other methods I considered before partnering with JL’s team.


I can happily report that I secured a position to work remotely for a Canadian based company. And thanks to the detailed 6-week plan I designed with JL I know what my next steps are to get me, and my family, settled in Canada. We’re busy with the paperwork and I still get continual support from JL and his team.


For me, this process WORKED. Definitely NOT a scam and worth every cent! And the results of sitting with a well-paying job, on my way to becoming a Canadian citizen one day is proof that JL isn’t part of the scams I researched. The Canada Access Program supported me all the way and still does.

If you want a happy ending with you enjoying Canada’s stunning views and vibrant cities one day, this program is it!

Do You Want to KNow more?

My hope is this in-depth review of the Canadian Access Program was helpful. If you have interest I strongly encourage you to click the button right above, to learn more about this once in a lifetime opportunity. If you have any questions, simply contact me on facebook or linkedin and I'll jump right in.

To your success!
Paul Peeters

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